Samosas :Crispy fried turnovers deliciously filled with spiced peas & Potatoes. 3.95
Samosa Chaat: Samosas topped with chick peas, tamarind, mint chutney, Yogurt, onions & tomatoes. 5.95
Palak patta chat: Deep fried spinach bed topped with Delhi style spicy Yoghurt 5.95
Punjabi Aloo Tikki: Traditional Punjabi style stuffed 2 potato Pancake. 5.95
Vegetable pakora:Assortment of vegetables coated with spicy gram floor batter & fried served with tamarind & mint chutney. 6.95
Chicken wings: Chef's specialty served with salad. 9.95
Chicken Kanpuri: marinated chicken fillets with coconut coating pan fried & Served with mango chutney. 8.95
Tandoori malai Tikka : Boneless chicken supreme marinated in Cheese & fresh Herbs baked in Tandoor (clay oven). 9.95
Machi Amritsari: Fish marinated with light spices & fried. 9.95
Shrimp Malabar: Garlic spicy jumbo Black 7 tiger shrimps skewer baked in Tandoor 15.00
Appetizer platter: Mixed appetizers with Salad 19.95

Cream of Tomato :subtly flavored with herbs 4.95
Cream of Vegetable: with fresh coriander 4.95
Garden salad: Fresh season salad with onions, fresh ginger, lime & cilantro 7.95
Tandoory salad: Chef's salad with paneer, chicken wings & spicy dressing 12.95
Daal :Pan fried yellow lentils ( tarka) with cumin & coriander. 9.95
Channa Masala:Chick Peas cooked in tomatoes, onions & fresh ginger 9.95
Aloo Gobi Matar:Potatoes, Cauliflower & Green peas in traditional Punjabi style 10.95
Paneer Jalferzi:Fresh vegetables with fried Cheese in light spices & cashew nuts 12.95
Hari subji wala Bhuna Paneer: Homemade cheese(Paneer) with green vegetables, Spring onions, coriander, mint & curry leaf 14.95
Paneer Nawabi: Grilled paneer from the land of nawabs 15.95
Navrattan Korma: Nine diff. vegetables & nuts cooked in mild creamy sauce 15.95
Malai Kofta: Paneer dumplings simmered in cashew nut curry sauce. 15.95
Matter Paneer: Paneer with Green Peas in dilkush curry sauce. 12.95
Akbari Sabji Mushroom tossed with vegetables and nuts in anarkali gravy 12.95
Palak Paneer: Paneer in Spinach, fresh coriander & curry. 12.95
Paneer Pasanda: Stuffed paneer with Malabar spices simmered in curry. 19.95
Tandoori from the clay Oven ( all dishes served with Naan Bread)
Tandoori Chicken (Half): marinated in yogurt, spices & cooked in clay oven 12.95
Chicken Tikka: Boneless succulent chicken pieces marinated & broiled in oven 13.95
Reshmi Malai Kebab: Chicken breast supreme marinated & broiled in oven 18.95
Malabar Chicken Tikka: Our Tandoory specialty 24.95
Sheek Kebab: Our chef's specialty 19.95
Kesari fish tikka : Salmon fish in saffron-flavored spices tenderly roasted 16.95
Tandoori Jhinga:Skewer of jumbo prawns marinated & broiled in oven 15.95
Mixed Tandoory Platter : 29.95
Murg Musallam: whole chicken stuffed with saffron, rice & nuts (Order two days ahead)
Chicken (all dishes served with basmati rice)
Chicken Curry: Pieces of chicken simmered in curry garnished with cilantro 10.95
Chicken Korma: Broiled chicken with in tomato cashew nut curry 12.95
Chicken Tikka masala: Broiled chicken in a curry of onions, spices, Tomatoes & cream 12.95
Chicken Saag: Broiled chicken with cooked spinach, fresh ginger Tempered with light spices. 12.95
Chicken Vindaloo: (very hot) chicken tikka simmered in Vindaloo curry 14.95
Chicken Malai: Tender morsels of chicken in Cashew Nut Curry sauce 15.95
Lamb curry: chunks of marinated lamb simmered in spicy curry sauce with cilantro
Lamb Palakwala: chunks of marinated lamb in spinach sauce with fresh ginger
Lamb Korma: Tender chunks of Lamb cooked in cream sauce with almonds
Lamb Vindaloo : ( very hot) tender pieces of lamb in vindaloo sauce
Lamb kanpuria : chunks of lamb with Mushroom simmered in cashew nut sauce
Lamb Madras: chunks of lamb cooked in madras curry garnished with fresh ginger
Lamb Bhunna: Tandoori lamb tossed,onions,bellpeppers,tomatoes,ginger & cilantro
Seafood Specials
Shrimp Curry: Jumbo black tiger prawns simmered in curry with green peas 15.95
Crisp Calamari: Deep fried & marinated in coconut milk served with Salad 15.95
Bombay Salmon: Red onions, ginger, garlic, chilies, cilantro, scallions & curry 19.95
Malai Machi: Scallops in a cashew nut creamy light curry sauce 24.95
Biryanis (served with Raita)
Vegetable Biryani : Spiced Basmati rice with vegetables, raisins & nuts 12.95
Kanpuri Biryani: Skewered Lamb kebab tossed with spiced Basmati rice & nuts 15.95
Chicken Biryani: Chicken morsels with spiced Basmati rice raisons & nuts 12.95
Mixed Biryani: Lamb, Chicken, vegetables with spiced Basmati Rice & nuts 14.95
Dumb Biryani: Baked casserole of spiced basmati rice with your choice of anyone 16.95
Good Companions
Bathura: Balloon bread (House fried bread specialty) 3.95
Pulao Rice: Basmati rice with nuts & spices 3.95
Kelaywali:Pineapple & Banana in yogurt & Tamarind(our house specialty) 3.95
Aloo ka raita: Potato flavored with yogurt 3.95
Keehray ka raita: traditional accompaniment made by cucumber in cumin yogurt. 3.95
Dahi Bhara: Lentil dumplings filled with spicy cashew nuts in yogurt with coriander 6.95
Tandoori Breads
Naan: Soft flour bread baked in clay oven 2.95
Garlic Naan: Fresh garlic soft flour bread 3.95
Kanpuri naan: with species & nuts 3.95
Onion Kulcha: with spicy onion stuffed 3.95
Roti: Whole wheat bread 2.95
Misi Roti: Punjabi style, our specialty 3.95
Paratha: Multi layered whole wheat bread 3.95
Lacha Paratha: Multi layered flour bread 3.95
Aloo Paratha: Stuffed with potatoes & peas 3.95
Thalis Traditional Indian Platter (served in Restaurant only)
Vegetarian Yogi Thali: Four different vegetables dishes served with Naan Bread, Salad, Raita. papadum & Basmati rice. 19.95
Maharajah Thali: Four meat dishes served with Naan (Good for Two ) bread,Salad,Raita,papadum & Basmati Rice. 59.95
Maharani Thali: Four vegetarian dishes served with Naan (Good for two ) bread,Salad,Raita,papadum & Basmati Rice. 49.95
Kanpuri Thali:Two different vegetarian dishes and two different meat dishes served with Naan Bread, Salad, Raita, papadum & Rice 19.95
Pandit Thali:Channa masala, Palak Paneer, Malai Kofta, vegetarian korma served with Naan Bread, Salad, Raita, papadum & Basmati Rice. 24.95
Nawabi Thali: Four different meat dishes served with Naan Bread, salad, raita, papadum & Basmati Rice 20.95
Bengali Thali: Four different kinds of fish dishes served with Naan bread ,Salad, Raita ,papadum & Basmati Rice. 29.95
Malai Kulfi: Creamy Home-made ice cream with Almonds & pistachio 4.95
Mango Kulfi: creamy Home-made ice cream with Mango & Almonds. 5.95
Mango Cream: Our chef's Home-made specialty 6.95
Gajar ka Halwa: Cottage home-made carrots cake with almonds 3.95
Gulab Jamun: Golden fried home-made cheese balls soaked in honey syrup 3.95
Kheer : Creamy rice pudding with raisins and dried fruits 3.95
Lassi: A refreshing yoghurt drink - Plain, Sweet, Salted or Mango 3.95
Juices: Mango, Orange, Apple juice 3.95 80. Indian spice coffee: 3.95
Masala Chai : Black tea with cardamom cinnamon, clove, bay leaf & steamed milk 3.95
Yogi Chai: From the mountains of Haridwar 4.95
Sodas & soft drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Bottle water, sparking water 2.95
Beer: Bottle Beers Corona and on tap : Firestone and Stella 4.95
Indian Beer: Kingfisher, or Taj Mahal 6.95
Bollywood 101: Mango juice ,pineapple juice & coconut milk 10.95
Punjabi Dreams : Orange ,mango, pineapple juice, tamarind & cream of coconut 10.95
Blue Frog : Specialty of Chef 10.95

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