About India house Kitchen Krishan Gupta

California is multi-cultural society and therefore taste buds are filling with different mouth watering dishes. Santa Barbara is one of the best places on west coast, where Ocean meets Mountains and sun meets sand. Krishan Gupta(Owner of India House) is one of those who have won millions of heart by cooking. Now he brings world-class culinary experience from Copenhagen, Lund, London, Paris ,Munich, Berlin, New York , New Jersey to Santa Barbara, California.

India House , opened in 2000 selling India items and restaurant decorative items in California. Krishan's memories of his grand-mom tasty meals and his international Culinary experience have always been his passion to make friends with traditional flavors the way to enjoy real authentic Indian Cuisine. Krishan's mixing of spices and knowledge of Indian food is not only the taste but also the surrounding and the atmosphere in which you enjoy and feel yourself in Seven Heaven.

The genesis of Krishan Gupta Owner of India House can be traced back from 1982 where he started making Chai (Indian Tea)in Copenhagen .Then in Lund (Sweden) making Pakoras and Chai. Shopping for his West-Berlin restaurants in London and eating in different Indian Restaurants added more European view for Indian food. Krishan Gupta became very famous in West-Berlin when he opened his first super class Restaurant "Tandoory" and then his second Restaurant "Ganges". Very popular and signature dishes were "Channa Masala"(chick peas)" "Paneer Jalferzi"(home-made cottage cheese with fresh vegetable) "Chicken Tikka Makanwala" "Chicken Vindaloo" "Shrimp-Curry" " Tandoory fish"and "Lamb Kebeb". These dishes became famous not only because of their super authentic KANPURI taste but also the right kind of bread served and Basmati Rice made in different variety to match with these dishes