likeAnardana (Pomegranate seed)Amchoor(Mango powder)Ajwain(carom seed)Badam(Almond) Brown Sugar(Sucrose sugar)Choti Elaichi (green Cardam)Chakra Phool(Star Anise) Dalchini(Cinnamon) Dhania (Corianderseed)Haldi(Turmeric)Mircha(Chili)Hing(Asafoetida)Imli(Tamarind)Kaju(Cashewnut)Kalongi(Nigella seed)Kasoori Methi(Dried fenugreek leaf) Kesar(Saffron) Lahsun(Garlic)LLahsun(Garlic)Lavang(Cloves)Sarson(Mustard) Namak(Salt)Nimbu(Lime)Pudina(Mint)Pyaz(Onion)Gulab jal (Rose water)Saunf(Fennel Seed) Tulsi(Basil) Tej patta(Bay leaf) and many more are used by us.

Mixing of these spices is a ART . This art is our Secret and foundation of our success. Most healthiest food because it is prepaid with spices. Some of the facts that Gurus, doctors and Vedic science recognize.

Lemon:cleanse the toxins present in your body with ease, lowers bad cholesterol quick weight loss and attains a great balance.
Brown Sugar: better than refined sugar since it retains most of the nutrients. Otherwise the body starts cannibalizing minerals from the body to metabolize refined, white sugar.

Ginger: helps speed up digestion.
Onion: is a blood cleanser when used in right proportions. It is a raja sic food, which according to yoga, when over-used, may make you hot-tempered or over-excited.

Tomato: is rich in vitamin C and repairing anti-oxidants. Cooking it releases lycopene, an anti-oxidant with powerful healing properties. It also keeps you younger.
Ghee: (clarified butter) only from cow's milk, is highly approved in yogic diet since it adds to the mucous membrane of the stomach lining. Curry Leaves: keep your hair darker.

Mustard seeds: are invaluable, inevitable part of most Indian tempering since they are digestives.
Coriander: are good sources of iron and calcium.
Mint:The entire plant is Antibacterial, antifibrile. It yields an essential oil and menthol which exert, through their rapid evaporation, as lightly anesthetic and anodyne local effect. It is effective in headache, rhinitis, cough sore throat, colic, prorogue and vomiting. Menthol obtained from this is used in balms. It is also used as Flavoring agent in culinary kitchen.

Basil: It is Diaphoretic, Anti periodic, Stimulating, Expectorant and Anti-catarrhal. It is used in malaria, catarrh, bronchitis and gastric disorders. It also lowers blood sugar levels and its powder is used for mouth ulcers. It is widely worshiped in India.

Turmeric: It is well recognized as the best anti-oxidant, hypoglycemic, colorant, antiseptic and wound healer. Used in cooking as a spice for over 2,500 years, turmeric has a bitter, musty flavor similar to mustard. It is this spice that gives Indian curries their characteristic bright yellow-orange color. The healing properties of turmeric have made it a most sought after ingredient in cosmetics and drugs, as the leaf oil and extract can also be used as sunscreens and bio-pesticides.